The Martin Klute Quintet


Mark Edwards, Jerry Underwood, Martin Klute, Dave Trigwell.
Festival Hall Foyer.

The Martin Klute Quintet was formed after Martin Klute left the Tommy Chase Quartet. The band plays at club venues in and around London, and also for private and corporate events.

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The following tracks were recorded at the Festival Hall Foyer:

Track listing
1: Stomping at the Savoy
      Sampson / Webb
2: Mr New
      Martin Klute
3: e-mail special
      Martin Klute

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Playing on these recordings:

Dave Priseman - Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Dave Lewis - Tenor
Mark Edwards - Piano
Martin Klute - Bass
Paul Cavaciuti - Drums


The engineer was Colin Walker of Clarion Studios in Brighton.


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