Martin Klute - Biography


Martin Klute: learned the piano as a child, but got seriously interested in music at secondary school, playing electric bass in rock bands, doing pop covers, and at the same time experimenting with original fusion styles. Early fellow band members included Don Snow, who went on to play with Squeeze and The Vibrators. Klute spent some time playing with jazz-rock bands in Oxford, before joining a glam-rock outfit called 'Pinups', playing the London circuit. This was followed by a shortlived stint with 'The Damned'.

Jazz became more and more important, and after a very painful (for the fingers) year translating onto the double bass, joined Tommy Chase's quartet. The period with Tommy Chase included touring the English college and festival circuits, gigs in Italy, Holland and Japan, appearances on 'Saturday Live', the first Soho Jazz Festival, The Edinburgh Festival, and most importantly, Tommy Chase's 'Groove Merchant' album on Stiff Records. (see the Tommy page on this site).

Klute has also worked with Jean Toussaint, Julian Joseph, Claire Martin, Garath Williams, Nick Weldon, Clifford Jarvis, Jonathan Gee, Ray Gelato, Leee John (Imagination), and Brian Abrahams.

'Swing' was recorded live in a church in Pinner, North-West London. Another trio album is due to be recorded shortly, featuring Ron Parry on drums. Also current is an ambient acid jazz project with Duncan Miller.(see 'Voltage' page on this site)



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